Salami & Ilami Launching Program

In Nepal, big companies have been established in other sectors and have been doing great work. Many companies have opened and are working to develop the agricultural sector. In the meantime, with the vision of industrializing Nepal’s agricultural sector, the first agricultural public company “Real Agra Limited” will be opened and promoted, along with a comprehensive plan and program to make the agricultural sector companies’ investment by investors feel completely risk-free. The authorized capital of the company will be 5 billion rupees and the paid-up capital will be 2.45 billion rupees. The establishment of the company has been announced to have 5100 Nepalese promoter shareholders from all over the country and abroad. For this purpose, “Udhammedh Mahaabhiyan” has been organized in order to propose to become a promoter among Nepalis all over the country and also abroad, and it has been launched from Pokhara in the middle of a grand program.

While there is a common belief that there is maximum risk in investment in the agricultural sector, 100% bonus of investment has been guaranteed within 4 years in order to encourage them to become promoters by giving an open challenge to it. For this, the “Share and Land Acquisition Master Plan Initiative” program “Salami” will be presented, and relief will be given to the promoters who participate in the Udhammedha Mahaabhiyaan. Through the program, after paying the installment of the agreed amount in the company to the promoter investor, the time period specified by the shareholder is one of 2 or 4 years and the share amount is equal to the share amount in the specified place, and the land title will be given as a bonus and a solid start initiative to encourage, promote and promote the development of agricultural industry. Campaigners have claimed.