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Panchase Cable Car & Tours Limited 5th Annual General Meeting

RKD Holdings Limited held a 5th Annual General Meeting of Panchase Cable Car & Tours Limited at The Pokhara Shantinagar Banquet on 13th Jan 2023, Friday. The title of the program was Panchase Cable Car & Tours Limited 5th Annual General Meeting. The host of the program was Mr. Prem Giri. The welcome speech was given by Mr. Prem Subedi. The speech and presentation were given by the directors, Mr. Ramchandra Sharma, Mr. Chintamani Sharma, Mr. Kiran Pokhrel, and many more. The program focused on general offers, special offers, the election of the Directors Committee, and miscellaneous. The President has submitted the Annual Year regarding approving the annual report for 078/79. It also focused in relation to the appointment of auditors and their remuneration for the coming year 2079/80.

It focused in relation to amending the provisions related to preference shares in rule 9 of the company’s regulations. It focused on the issue of debentures. The management committee was chaired by the managing directors regarding amending the rules. The program went smoothly and was very effective among the individuals. The program also conducted interaction activities between the shareholders which helped to bring out the result in a systematic and effective manner.