Bandipur Cable Car & Tourism Limited 2nd AGM (2078/79)

AGM(Annual General Meeting)

Bandipur Cable Car and Tourism Limited conducted 2nd Annual General Meeting 2078/79 at Bandipur Cable Car Upper Station. AGM started from 11:45 with the presence of Shareholders of Bandipur Cable Car and Tourism Limited. AGM was conducted successfully and pass on mainly 4 special agenda of the company i.e.
1) To make Authorized Capital 3 Arab, Paid Up Capital 2 Arab 55 crore.
2) Loan to keep 1 Arab 3 crore.
3) 12% IPO (30 Crore and 60 Lakh) where 2% for Local resident, Staff, Foreign People and Mutual Fund 2% and Normal Public 8%.
4) 8% Sweat Equity for RKD Holdings Limited as Bandipur Cable Car Share.

The meeting was conducted online through zoom meeting and was livestreamed in Facebook as well where more than 100 shareholders had participated.

Zoom Meeting Link:…

Meeting ID: 757 023 4438

Passcode: meeting12$